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inspiring art by annabel rainbow


PAINTED QUILTS by ANNABEL RAINBOW: Life 4 – Hello Dear, What Did You Do Today?.

I had the good fortune to find the gifted fibre / fine artist, Annabel Rainbow, on the internet recently. With her permission, I’m sending you a link to her blog. You can find it  here. Scroll down to read more about the three quilts that make up Annabel’s “Life” series, exploring “…what it means to be a modern woman pulled in different directions by pressures of motherhood, domesticity and academic success. Her triptych sequence is broken into three poignant but satiric titles, Be the Change You Want, Switching Off, and Hello Dear. What Did You Do Today?, which maps the roles available to the modern woman.” (Helen Cobby review)

( About Annabel Rainbow) : “I have been making textiles since finishing City and Guilds in 2003, and have been painting since 2006.

I trained as a PA after leaving school and have worked for some very interesting people, but after my children were born, I spent many years as a special needs assistant in a local school, and taught shorthand at the local college. I’ve come to the creative arts a bit late in life, but am having a wonderful time expressing my feelings through observation and colour.

I am happily married to Graham, and have two beautiful, wonderful daughters. I live in Warwickshire and spend my days bumbling through life.

I am motivated by all sorts of random things; colour, movement, words, emotions, music, shapes etc., and delight at finding inspiration in odd places. Quite a lot of my work features very controlled movement of colour from yellow, to orange, red, green, and blue.”

Enjoy, and happy creating!

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