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Willemien de Villiers Studio on Teachable

The Stained Table | Narrative Stitch Workshop – now including the Dirty Blues Colour Tutorial

In this seven-module narrative stitching workshop, I share every aspect of my creative process, to guide you to create deeply personal and meaningful artwork. The different modules cover writing exercises I’ve developed over many years, my love of domestic stains and its application in creating your textile work, as well as the process of combining eco-printing with cyanotype.

And of course stitching itself.

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Dirty Blues | Colour Tutorial

In this tutorial, I’m going to guide you through adding a cyanotype print on top of a previously eco-printed cloth, as well as the reverse – eco-printing a cloth that already has cyanotype images on it. Whereas it might be useful to know exactly where your botanical markings have landed before positioning the items, or images, you wish to expose using cyanotype, being open to the random nature of eco-printing might bring delightful surprises.

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